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American Creek Lodge Wedding

Monika + Kodi's wedding was a day that has been long awaited. Seriously. Their cake topper summed it all up with the phrase, "About Damn Time!"

These two initially met coincidentally on a camping trip along the Vedder River. Their campsites were side by side – Monika was there for her friend's birthday, and Kodi was there for his friend's stag. Monika's friend knew one of Kodi's friends who was at the stag, so all the guys joined the party. After the trip, Kodi reached out to Monika on Facebook, asked for her number, called her up and asked her out on a date. About a week after they first met, they had dinner with just the two of them at Garrison Bistro in Chilliwack. Afterwards, they met up with a bunch of friends, and went for an adventure down Chilliwack Lake Road.

Monika loves how sweet and supportive Kodi is, saying that "he's very loving and affectionate," which she appreciates because she is also a very affectionate person. She also comments that Kodi is "extremely witty and sarcastic, and always makes me laugh. His comedic timing is on point. ;)"

Kodi loves how beautiful, kind and caring Monika is. He comments that she is "always sensitive to everyone else's feelings and wants them to be happy. She is loyal and devoted to her family and friends and I know I can trust her with anything. She is fierce and stubborn and a little scary when mad, and I enjoy it greatly when its not directed at me."

Their wedding day truly was a celebration of love – in true PNW fashion, I might add. We were dreading the overcast skies since it was forecasted to rain the day of the wedding. And it surely did rain, starting from the ceremony and not stopping at all as the day progressed. However, no amount of rain could dampen Monika and Kodi's spirits as they got married in the rain with big smiles and joyful laughter. Enjoy!


Photographer: Grace Gets Creative

Hair Stylist: The Parlour

Makeup Artist: Robyn Barham

Bride's Shoes + Bridesmaid's Dress: Le Chateau

Bride's Jewelry + Accessories: Bracelet from Swarovski; Necklace from Everything But The Groom

Groom's Suit: Ronald Allan Clothiers

Groom's Accessories: Moores Clothing

Florist: AJR Designs

Planner/Coordinator: Greater Events and Entertainment

Catering: Restaurant62

Cake: Anita Lohr (sister of the bride)

Videographer: Dylan Ferreira


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