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Vancouver City Walk - Visual Journal 01

It has been a long time since I've had a Saturday free of plans. It was an absolutely beeeeeautiful day and I was itching to explore, do some work, write up some blog posts, and do some street photography. First, I made my way downtown to do some coffee shop hopping using Vancouver Coffee Snob's new mobile app, Siply! I saved $0.57 today on my flat white at Quantum Coffee using the Small Subscription Plan -- $30 for 35 credits which pays for roughly 8-12 drinks. Pretty dang good, if I say so myself. What's neat about this app is that it consists of a curated list of the best cafes in Vancouver. So far there's 18 to choose from! As an avid espresso drinker, I am in love with this idea! It is still in its beta version, but I am loving it so far and using the app was quite easy. I am looking forward to see how this project grows!

*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored to write this up at all. I just love coffee and this project!*

Anyways! Here's a gallery of images from my walk around Vancouver. Hopefully I can make this Vancouver City Walk a monthly thing. Or weekly. We shall see how that goes!

Camera: Fujifilm XT1

Lens: Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f0.95

Post-Processing: VSCO

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