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Bunhead Scrunchies Review

Ahhh the scrunchie. I remember wearing these when I was younger. I remember really not liking them because I thought they looked tacky. Fast forward 15 years, I have recently seen so many small businesses pop up selling handmade scrunchies. It's such a simple accessory, but they are so cute!! I no longer think of them as tacky now that I am able to throw my hair up in a messy bun and still make it look decent. I usually take about 15 minutes or less to get ready in the morning, so a little to no effort look is what I am aiming for. I have tried a few scrunchies before -- a lot of them didn't have the right amount of stretchiness to wind up tight and keep my hair up or they were a little too tight and could only wind up twice so that my bun would just fall down shortly after. #girlproblems amiriiiight??

I lot of my friends on Instagram have been talking about this company called Bunhead. They are a small mother/daughter business based in Vancouver (yay local business!) where they make their scrunchies by hand using materials sourced out locally in Vancouver. They recently launched their spring collection, and oh my word they are the cutest and prettiest scrunchies I have ever seen!! I picked up the Skinny Wildflower Silk (such a pretty colour and pattern!), Oatmeal Linen, Rose Linen and the Everyday Grey.

What I really love about these scrunchies is that they are huge and fluffy!! They sit well on my head to keep my hair up in place without feeling tight and constricted. It is literally the perfect messy bun accessory! Their Skinny series works well for ponytails and a more subtle look which I also really like. The fact that they come in such pretty colours is just a bonus!

It is a cute accessory that I actually feel comfortable just having on my wrist. No more tight hair elastic bands digging into my skin, thank you very much. Since they do come in the prettiest colours and patterns, it is going to be verrrrrry difficult for me to not get every single colour! For now, I am actually quite content with the ones I chose. The key phrase is 'for now.'


I was not asked to review this product, nor was I asked to take photos of the product at all. I purchased the products myself out of my own pocket. This was done purely out of my own interest and love of the company and to expand my photography portfolio.

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