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Floralista Spring Wreath Workshop & Farmer's Market Picnic

Love all the different elements we were able to design with!

Today's blog post features a lovely little workshop I attended today that was put together by Floralista at Ralph's Farm Market. Alice, the talented head floral designer + owner of Floralista, showed us how to create our very own spring bulb wreath. She provided all sorts of beautiful elements and textures to create our wreath with. Alice is such a gentle soul and I could probably listen to her talk about flowers and plants all day long.

Those little cute fuzzy pieces are called Bunny Tails! How cute and fitting for this time of year :)

I had so much fun creating my wreath. It was honestly so therapeutic! When I got home, I styled the wreath as a centrepiece for our living room table. My mom had just recently cleaned the living room and I thought it was fitting to gift this wreath to her. To complete the look, I placed our essential oil diffuser in the middle! Thank you Alice for sharing your talent with us and showing us how to create beautiful things! I am looking forward to the next workshop!

Camera: Fujifilm XT1

Lens: Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f0.95

Post-Processing: Adobe Lightroom

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