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Malibu Young Life Camp Photos

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

In February I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Malibu Camp along the Sunshine Coast of BC with my Young Life leader team. I'd take cold Malibu over hot Malibu any day. Hands down! Malibu is a Young Life Camp and it is simply breathtaking. With no internet and no mobile service, I was completely disconnected from the outside world. Yet, I had never felt so connected in my whole life; connected with my team, connected with nature, connected with God. It was an experience like no other. I honestly have no idea how to fully describe what I experienced out there. It was a time of refreshment, inspiration, and revitalization.

I had so much fun travelling with my goofy Young Life leader team, spending time with them, getting to know each other more as we do life and ministry together. I love this team to bits! I love Young Life and what they do. Enjoy these photos documenting my time at Malibu Camp!

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